Are you looking for terracotta pots for prebonsai? Whether you are a great bonsai master or just starting out, here you will find everything you need. Choose from our selection of bonsai and prebonsai pots. At Meliflor we have a wide variety of pots of different sizes, suitable for any need in the care of your bonsai.

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Why do pots have holes?

Pots have holes so excess water can drain through them and prevent roots from getting waterlogged. Thus, we can prevent the appearance of harmful fungi and bacteria for our plants.

If your pot is simply decorative and does not have a hole, clean it frequently and make sure that the water does not stagnate at the bottom. On the contrary, if your pot is used to contain the substrate, check that it has a hole and that it performs the drainage function.

Why change a plant's pot?

The roots are the base of our plant. Through them you will obtain all the nutrients you need to perform their physiological processes.

Therefore, the roots must always be well aerated and have enough space to grow. When we detect that the roots have covered the full capacity of the pot, it will be the right time to repot a plant. Normally we will have to do it every 2 years.

We also recommend that if you have watered your plant excessively, transplant it using a new substrate to avoid proliferation of fungi.

How to choose the pot for your bonsai?

First of all you should know if your tree is a bonsai or a prebonsai. If it is a prebonsai, you will have to look for a pot resistant to changes in temperature, with holes to facilitate drainage and that the wires that will ensure the growth of your plant are easy to introduce, and that it is large enough for roots can grow. If your tree is a bonsai, you should know what type it is to choose the pot in addition, according to some aesthetic considerations that will enhance its characteristics. For example, if your bonsai is a elm pot it is recommended that it be enamelled.