At Meliflor we are specialists in substrates for cultivation. We have a wide selection of substrates for horticultural, garden and urban garden plants. If you were looking for growing substrates online, this is your site. Our years of experience and dedication have allowed us to develop growing media that you can find in stores and online. On the other hand, our products are local and have been manufactured in Spain. Buy on our website and receive the substrate you were looking for at home.

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What is the difference between soil and substrate?

The substrate is an enriched mixture that provides the plants with the necessary nutrients for their proper development. Dirt is the material that soil is made of. The substrates that you will find in Meliflor have been enriched with the best materials for your plants.

Substrate, how to use it?

To use your substrate, you only have to add it to the pot when necessary. If you are thinking of germinating seeds, we recommend a specific substrate for that: the Meliflor Seedbed Substrate. yes for him otherwise you need to transplant your plants, you will have to fill the new pot halfway, extract the plant from its old pot, trying to remove the old substrate, and place it in the new pot. Finally, apply more substrate until the roots are completely covered.

What substrate to use for bonsai?

For the first transplant of your bonsai, we recommend using a substrate for prebonsai such as Meliflor. Yeah If you are looking for a substrate for adult bonsai, we recommend 2 substrates: pumice and volcanic rock, which also you can find on our website.