Plants, whether decorative or cultivated, are living beings that need a series of growing and care conditions to stay alive and healthy. Aspects such as the incidence of light, temperature, irrigation or the quality of the substrate are, among others, vital for their well-being. At Meliflor we care that your plants grow in a healthy way, so we guarantee that in our store you will find quality substrates, the best pots and a wide variety of handmade self-watering pots, the most ecological and environmentally friendly form of irrigation. atmosphere.

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Why choose Meliflor substrates?

In general, all plants, especially green plants and those that produce flowers and fruits, prefer organic soils with an acidic pH, a lot of organic matter and that have water retention, oxygenation and cation exchange capacity. Like the one provided by Meliflor's Superior substrate, a combination of coconut fiber and perlite in which plants can grow their roots and, at the same time, have access to a large amount of water and nutrients.

What products can I use to care for my indoor plants?

The fundamental care that plants require is: having a light source nearby, a suitable temperature, a good substrate, fertilizer and a continuous source of irrigation.

For indoor plants, the temperature should be between 15ºC and 25ºC so that they do not suffer too much.

The Onland irrigation pots (for planting) are the ones we recommend for your indoor plants. The size will depend on the size of the pot in which you have your indoor plant. At Meliflor we have small watering pots (175mL) to large onland watering pots (2L), perfect for your indoor decorative plants.

With these self-watering pots you can forget about watering for days.